Recapping and Reviewing ‘NCL 4; we’re all going straight to Hell.’

Source: Recapping and Reviewing ‘NCL 4; we’re all going straight to Hell.’


My Morning Workout

In order to stay fit and healthy, I like to do a workout on a morning. Some people prefer to workout at night but I prefer mornings as it tends to wake me up and gives me a little pep so that I’m ready for the day ahead.

When you’re working out it’s important that you hydrate yourself by sipping water regularly and continue this throughout the day.

My morning routine vastly differs from my gym workout. On a morning, I’m often very groggy and can’t really be bothered with getting out a bunch of equipment so I do not use weights; I simply use a yoga mat (however it isn’t necessary at all).

My workout is split into thirds. Between each third, I take a break to stretch a little more and to drink some water.

First of all, I start with a 30-second plank. The plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning and also works your glutes and hamstrings, whilst supporting proper posture, and improves balance. I then follow this with a 30-second hand plank.

Next, I do two sets of crunches in reps of 15. However, if you’re just starting, I’d recommend doing two sets of 10 and holding them for a little longer. I usually start holding mine for 3 seconds and then increasing it to 5 seconds as I wake up.

To complete the first third of the workout, I do 20 sit-ups (this is where the yoga mat comes in handy). It’s important to note that the speed at which you complete everything is not important as you really want to focus on doing them correctly and getting as much benefit out of exercising as possible.

After having some water, I then do 20 kicks (per leg) and then follow this with 30 squats. The kicks are great as they help to boost how flexible I am (not very) and this is an area that I have been really focusing on recently. After the squats, I repeat the kicks as they are my main focus as of late.

I then take another break to have some water before beginning to final steps of my workout. To start the finishing steps I do 10 push-ups, then 5 diamond push-ups then another 10 regular push-ups.

I then take a little time to stretch before doing 2 minutes of skipping. Skipping helps to work on your footwork and is the reason why boxers do this quite often.

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Recapping and Reviewing ‘NCL 4; we’re all going straight to Hell.’

In the spirit of doings that you enjoy in order to boost your confidence, self-esteem, and overall feelings, I attended North Wrestling’s Fourth event ‘We’re all going straight to Hell.’ The event was held at Riverside Newcastle (NE1 3RQ) and the prices, overall, were a great value for money. A Standard ticket cost £10 but a Student ticket was £8. The VIP tickets included a meet and greet with some of the wrestlers and also gives you access to the preshow Q and A session.

For me, wrestling has always been a part of my life. I watched it with my Uncle as a child and have loved it ever since. In fact, I distinctly remember being sent home sick from school one day and watching the Royal Rumble. So it’s no surprise really that wrestling continues to thrill and excite me.

North Wrestling is owned by Andrew Bowers and, based on the four events that they’ve had, he’s doing a fantastic job which is shown through the crowds.  Each event has gained more and more people. The chants and cheers when the ring announcer gets into the ring show the passion of the people in attendance.

The match card was full of some great talent. We saw a vast amount of local wrestlers like, Primate (@The_Primate_), Rory Coyle who is one half of the tag team Sons of Ulaid (@rorywrestler) (@SonsOfUlaid), and the newly debuted Amir Jordan (@iamamirjordan), as well as some that aren’t so local such as, Travis Banks (@Travis_BanksPW) and Mark Haskins (@FightHaskins).

Matchcard Breakdown


First Ever: Mark Haskins VS Travis Banks

Cans on a Pole: Session Moth Martina VS Danny O’Doherty

No Disqualification: Sons of Ulaid VS Liam Slater and Dom Black

H T Drake VS Screwface Ahmed

Erin Jacobs VS Amir Jordan

Ruby Summers VS Little Miss Roxxy

VIP Q and A session

The event kicked off with an interview between Primate and H T Drake. The Q & A was a really great way to hype up the crowd. They started by talking about how they first got into the wrestling business and discussing the worst gimmicks they had (search for Jason Prime on google images and scroll until you find a one that resembles Goldberg). You’re welcome. After the crowd has ceased and laughter could no longer be heard, they sprang into another hilarious conversation where they discussed how H T Drake designed and actually built the ring that they were using. This lead to Primate starting to create sexual puns about loose rings and how they sometimes prefer a tighter ring… there’s a reason it’s a 16+ show. The laughter was brought to a halt when Screwface jumped into the ring in his ring gear staring down at Drake. Primate took off his hat and vest, as if ready to stop a potential brawl when Screwface spat a green mist in his face. Screwface then left and Drake helped Primate to the back.

When the event started Primate’s music hit and Primate stormed into the ring, commanded for the music to stop and requested to be put into the match between Screwface and H T Drake… revenge was needed. The General manager seemingly thought about it for roughly two seconds before he shouted ‘kick his f*****g arse.’ And thus begins ‘We’re all going straight to Hell’.

Amir Jordan VS Erin Jacobs

This was a good match and what made it even better was that it was Erin’s debut match for NCL and Amir’s Second. Amir had great fan interaction in his entrance to his promo in the ring about how he managed to get “four free tickets to North wrestling, Bro.” He namedropped a local restaurant- Chicken Cottage. The match began with Amir escaping from various snap mares with a cartwheel until Erin slammed his head on the match stopping Amir’s momentum. The match went at a medium pace with a variety of momentum swings dotted throughout. The victory was picked up by Erin as he managed to get Amir to submit. Upon leaving, Erin slapped a business card on the chest of Amir…




How delightful?

Session Moth Martina and Danny O’Doherty

The Cans on a Pole match was questionable as the pole wasn’t that high and the match felt rushed. It seemed as if they had so many ideas that they wanted to put into their match but simply did not have enough time… yet they attempted it anyway. There were some weird moments during the entrance where Martina dry humped some fans and this continued throughout the match only she moved onto Danny. After she won the match Danny wasn’t very happy yet respectfully left the ring and Martina started ‘riding’ the referee much to his dismay. The actions do coincide with the Session Moth’s gimmick however the repetitiveness of it made it seem awkward and it lost its comedic value by the end of the match. An okay match, however, I much prefer the match that they were both involved in at NCL 3.

Mark Haskins and Travis Banks

Travis and Mark both were great. It was a good match. It had a great blend of styles as it included technical wrestling and had some high-risk moves where they both dove out of the ring onto each other. The crowd weren’t that into the match, to begin with. However, this may have been due to the fact it was the first time that they had ever faced off against each other and didn’t have the tension between them as many others do. When the match first started the crowd were unsure about who was the face and who was the heel, so we made the best of a bad situation and chanted for both. There were some really close calls for both competitors with Mark almost making Travis tap two or three times and very nearly got a three count, whereas, Travis almost got the pinfall victory a couple of times but inevitably Travis came out with the win with a submission move.

H T Drake, Screwface Ahmed  and Primate

This match was absolutely incredible. It was originally planned to be a singles match but Primate got the go-ahead from the GM and we had our triple threat match. Once all three competitors were in the ring, Primate started the match by doing his signature spitting of blood. Instead of doing it during his entrance he got payback and did it in front of Screwface… who must have predicted this was going to happen as he did the same but with the green mist. The two started to exchange blows and then Screwface pushed Primate into Drake to cause some separation and to bring Drake into the match for the first time in around three minutes. The match was back and forth between the three with it going outside of the ring multiple times. There were some high-risk moves from H T Drake, who did a flip over the top rope to his opponents who were outside of the ring. As the end of the match neared, Primate suffered an injury by spearing Drake. He caught his head on Drake’s belt buckle opening up his head and it started bleeding quite as bit. Screwface took advantage of this and hit his finisher, the screwdriver, on Primate and picked up the victory.

Primate took to facebook later that night to say that he was sitting in A&E and claimed that it was “just another day at the office.”

RubySummers and Little Miss Roxxy

This Women’s Singles match was good, Roxxy came out first and she did Northern style. She made it immediately apparent that she was the heel by sticking her middle fingers up at the crowd. She proceeded to make her way around the ring and interacted with the fans by attempting and ultimately failing to flicking a hat of one person’s head, and by startling others. She also told her fans to “fuck off” and also said “fuck you” to a few of them and then got in the ring and waited for Ruby to come out. Ruby entered to the song Ruby (duh) by the Kaiser Chiefs and high-fived fans as she made her way around the ring. When the match had started the fans were retaliating to Roxxy’s comments by saying the same thing right back to her. She responded by simply placing her middle finger in the air and also mocked Ruby when the fans chanted. She also told one person to go fuck himself by using a hand gesture… that person so happens to be the one who is co-writing this with me. During the match, Roxxy displayed her amazing flexibility by doing a standing choke with her leg on the throat of Ruby. Roxxy had the upper hand for most of the match until fans started chanting for Ruby and the momentum changed. The ending of the match was rather controversial because Roxxy used her bandana that was wrapped around her boot to choke Ruby with. The ref counted to 5 because Roxxy didn’t let go and the referee rang the bell signalling the end of the match. It was announced that Roxxy had won via a submission when what happened was that Ruby had won because of a disqualification. This was rectified after Roxxy had made her way to the back after trying to knock Nate’s hat off but she missed when he stepped back a bit and lifted his head up. The referee told the announcer that Ruby won and the announcer rectified his mistake.

Sons of Ulaid and Liam Slater and Dom Black

The main event was indescribable. It was, of course, the no disqualification match. It started with just Dom Black against the Sons of Ulaid and Liam was nowhere to be seen (at NCL 3 Liam was also supposed to be by Dom’s side but never actually showed up). When Dom Black was clearly outnumbered, and suffering because of it, Liam came out and the numbers evened. Liam used a framed picture of him and Dom and smashed it over Bas Ban’s head. Following this, Dom received a nasty cut on his leg due to a fallaway slam courtesy of Bas. The match continued outside of the ring and Bas ended up being chained to the ring post. Liam and Dom proceeded to double attack, Rory. Bas Ban eventually broke free and assisted Rory. There were a few minutes of momentum swings with some weapons being involved by all competitors and against all competitors. The action fell outside of the ring but the match went into the crowd who parted like the red sea. Rory was put through a table by Liam Slater (we think- we didn’t get to see this part of the match as there were people in front of us… much taller people). Liam and Dom had this match won… but Bas Ban kept kicking out. Rory managed to get back into the ring and help Bas by taking out Liam using plastic wrapping over his face. The Sons of Ulaid took the victory due to referee stoppage. They left the ring and Liam and Dom were left in the ring. It was evident that Liam was unhappy with the result and the fact that he had been suffocated for a few moments. The crowd were just waiting to see what was going to happen. Liam eventually stretched out his arms inviting Dom for a hug. Dom didn’t receive his hug, instead, he received a kick to the groin (ouch). After Liam’s heel turn he left the ring leaving Dom in the ring by himself wondering why he had just been betrayed.

And that is a basic summary of the events. Overall, NCL 4 was incredible and was a great event and a great evening. 10/10.  All social media links are below, and all of the photos that I took at the event will be on Pinterest with a select few going on Instagram also.

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