My Morning Workout

In order to stay fit and healthy, I like to do a workout on a morning. Some people prefer to workout at night but I prefer mornings as it tends to wake me up and gives me a little pep so that I’m ready for the day ahead.

When you’re working out it’s important that you hydrate yourself by sipping water regularly and continue this throughout the day.

My morning routine vastly differs from my gym workout. On a morning, I’m often very groggy and can’t really be bothered with getting out a bunch of equipment so I do not use weights; I simply use a yoga mat (however it isn’t necessary at all).

My workout is split into thirds. Between each third, I take a break to stretch a little more and to drink some water.

First of all, I start with a 30-second plank. The plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning and also works your glutes and hamstrings, whilst supporting proper posture, and improves balance. I then follow this with a 30-second hand plank.

Next, I do two sets of crunches in reps of 15. However, if you’re just starting, I’d recommend doing two sets of 10 and holding them for a little longer. I usually start holding mine for 3 seconds and then increasing it to 5 seconds as I wake up.

To complete the first third of the workout, I do 20 sit-ups (this is where the yoga mat comes in handy). It’s important to note that the speed at which you complete everything is not important as you really want to focus on doing them correctly and getting as much benefit out of exercising as possible.

After having some water, I then do 20 kicks (per leg) and then follow this with 30 squats. The kicks are great as they help to boost how flexible I am (not very) and this is an area that I have been really focusing on recently. After the squats, I repeat the kicks as they are my main focus as of late.

I then take another break to have some water before beginning to final steps of my workout. To start the finishing steps I do 10 push-ups, then 5 diamond push-ups then another 10 regular push-ups.

I then take a little time to stretch before doing 2 minutes of skipping. Skipping helps to work on your footwork and is the reason why boxers do this quite often.

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