Created in 2017 in order to help myself and, hopefully, others cope and get over the loss of someone close. 

My name is Amy and on March 6th at 20:03 my Grandfather passed away after having his life support turned off. It destroyed a part of me. Within my blogs, I share certain issues that have popped up or perhaps focus on an emotion and how to deal with that.

As my page is written primarily for people coping with death, or even stress, I am here to help. You can contact me via twitter or by leaving a comment on any post of mine and I will respond. I do not want anyone to feel as if they are alone. No one is ever alone. If we all have at least one person to confide in then it will make the whole process of grieving feel slightly better. If you feel as though you cannot share with someone you know and would rather have someone you do not know but still relates to you and can perhaps understand then feel free to drop me a DM or an email.

I AM HERE FOR YOU. All of my social networks are below. Feel free to contact me.